At Seafoam Exhibits we work in close association with our clients to understand their requirements and provide them with the complete exhibition solution within the committed time.

The requirement can range from a small kiosk in an open area or a large retail space in an upmarket place. We specialize in exhibitions stalls, outdoor signages, retail décor, sign boards, ourdoor advertising and more.

Bring your trade shown and exhibitions to life with our industry expertise. We understand the needs of each of the industries including but not limited to the markets of retail, health, fashion, electronics and other FMCGs, food, pharma and more. We ensure that you reach out to any size of the market with your services and products in the right kind of display

Our manufacturing unit is set up in Hyderabad, but we can ship our products and designs to any part of the world. We have connections with agents, across the globe who will execute the project to your highest satisfaction. With our team experience of more than a decade, we have the ability to craft your vision into a reality that lets your brand stand out in a crowd.


Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

Seafoam is backed by decades of experience, started in the year 2006, Seafoam exhibits has grown in its operations due to its utter dedication and commitment to the needs of the clients. Over the years there has been a sea change in the way brands are represented in the market. With increasing competition, there is a rising need to portray the brand in the best possible light. We at Seafoam have seen vast changes in the market and have constantly improved to provide only the best in terms of quality and execution. We take our client’s feedback seriously and work towards providing a complete solution that yields results. Being one of the leading exhibition stall fabricators, we have the expertise and experience to provide tailor made solutions to everyone’s budget.

Having served several brands across various industries, we can match your vision with our experience. We have provided stalls to leading brands in the areas of retail exhibition stall, fashion exhibition stalls, service exhibition stall, food stalls, electronic good exhibition stalls and more. Seafoam Exhibits offers turnkey solutions, covering all aspects right from ideas, design, layout, printing, fabrications and final displays. Our service and support system work seamlessly to offer any support at anytime to maintain your stall or signage or store.


We have started Seafoam exhibits with one intention and that is to excel in the band exhibition space. It was not only to provide a real dimension to the vision of the brand, but also to make a lasting impact on the consumers who step into the store. Over the years, we have garnered experience in innovative display systems, latest green technologies of printing and exhibiting and also providing 360 degree service and support to our clients. Seafoam is a pioneer to many cost-saving ideas of exhibition displays that can be re used in different contexts by being portable and convenient. We take care to provide our clientele extraordinary in-store experience, that will rival international brands. We welcome feedback and  to keep our learning acumen alive to continue to improve and innovate.

Shankar Koorella

Managing Partner
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Seafoam Exhibits is backed by decades of experience and understands the needs of the clients and also the statutory requirements for display and decor. The experience enables Seafoam exhibits to give the clients best in terms of quality and ease of execution. Not compromising on the final impact that is generated by the brand, we at Seafoam take infinite pains to ensure that the final outcome in exhibition stalls, outdoor signages and retail branding is out of the world.


In a market that is constantly changing, innovation has been the prime focus in Seafoam Exhibits. We ensure that we offer our clientele extensive range of materials and options to suite thier specific requirements and budget. With more and more green technologies entering into the market Seafoam ensures that there is less environmental damage and more cost benefits to the clients.

Turnkey solutions

Seafoam exhibits is a one-stop-shop for all the branding and exhibition stall related material. Right from the idea and concept, Seafoam exhibits is your partner till the final execution. We go beyond the execution of outdoor signages, branding, retail store decor and interiors or exhibition stalls and continue to provide solutions that showcase your brand to the world.

Support and Service

Seafoam exhibits offer solutions that are backed by our strong support system. We offer help 24×7 to our customers and help them to maintain, improve or even dismantle their exhibits. We constantly upgrade our systems to provide updated information to our clients on the maintenance and support of the display systems.